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Block paved Driveways - Liverpool

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Tarmac hotel frontage.

The most economical way to renew your driveway.

Tarmacadam is hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Usually cheaper to lay than block paving.

Can be laid more quickly than block paving.

Available in black or red.


Tarmacadam - also known as "tarmac"


Tarmacadam consists of tar and crushed stone and naturally is a dark coloured, bituminous material that can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation.

When compressed the stone aggregate is bonded by the tar giving the look and finish of a long lasting and highly durable tarmacadam surface.

The tarmacadam compound is laid while hot and viscous, levelled and compacted, and then allowed to cool so that it binds to form a solid, hard-wearing surface.

Wherever possible, tarmacadam driveways should be laid using a paving machine as this ensures the best compression and therefore finish. Sometimes it is not possible to use a machine in areas such as on small garden paths. Here we will use alternative methods.

Video showing the resurfacing of a tarmacadam drive

1. Remove loose and damaged material - mainly from around grids and ironwork.

2. Lift and or secure ironwork as necessary.

3. Lay sub-base to top section of the driveway where there was no existing tarmacadam.

4. Spread and vibro-roller compact new tarmacadam surfacing.

Tarmac drive.

Cost-effective – less construction time and fewer materials so reduced cost.

Tarmac car parking.

A more sustainable option through thinner pavement design.

Low maintenance grounds around the house.

Can avoid the need for full depth reconstruction – not an option with block paving as the process requires a full depth bedding layer.

Pathways in tarmacadam and block.

Long-lasting, durable, and economic alternative to concrete products and blocks.

Steps in tarmacadam and block.

Resilient to deformation in heavily trafficked areas where the original layout was poorly designed .

Tarmac garage frontage.

For residential and lightly trafficked commercial areas tarmacadam is a durable alternative to traditional asphalt. It is a direct alternative for block paving systems.

Tarmac and paving by GD Paving Liverpool.

Tarmacadam and block paving

Tarmac and paving by GD Paving Liverpool.

Tarmacadam with brick paving sets edging.